Who we are ACR Electric
Craig & Alan




We are an electrical corporation that was started in 1970 by our father. He started on his own and eventually my brother and I also began working with him. It has been a family owned and operated ever since.
Many people like the idea of dealing directly with us as we perform the labor as well as answer questions and assist with planning for our clients. It helps people to know who they are working with for it gives them a sense of security in knowing we care for our customers, especially now when many times people get the "middle man" and it can be discouraging.
At ACR we combine old school work ethic and workmanship with new school electrical technology, so you are receiving the best quality electrical services with the most up to date systems and products.
We are a small company so you still feel connected to those performing the services, as lighting can be an essential part in completing your "project" that being your home or office, and attaining an atmosphere that best suits your needs.
We are a company that is ever changing as my brother and I continue our education with regard to electrical services, this allows us to provide you with all your needed services and the most up to date options.
Overall we are a company, which is well established due to our quality of work, our dedication to our profession and most of all our dedication to our clients. We provide our clients with comfort of knowing there is always an experienced professional to oversee and assist you while providing you with the most advanced electrical technology.
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